1. François de Roubaix
    Paris, France
  2. Pierre Henry
    Paris, France
  3. Jonathan Fitoussi
    Paris, France
  4. Bernard Parmegiani
    Paris, France
  5. François Bayle
    Paris, France
  6. Bernard Baschet
    Paris, France
  7. Igor Wakhévitch
    Jerusalem, Israel
  8. Philippe Sarde
    Paris, France
  9. Ariel Kalma
    Byron Bay, Australia
  10. Luc Ferrari
    Paris, France
  11. Pierre Schaeffer
    Paris, France
  12. Jonathan Fitoussi / Clemens Hourrière
    Paris, France


Transversales Disques Paris, France

Transversales Disques is a french record label based in Paris,
specialised in the release of long lost tapes and unpublished recordings, the reissue of rare records & soundtracks.
Obliques, our sister label dedicated to contemporary, experimental music.
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